Welcome to The Guild of Professional Sharpeners

A community of knife and tool sharpening business owners.

What is The Guild of Professional Sharpeners?

The Guild of Professional Sharpeners is a community of motivated entrepreneurs who are working together to grow artisanal sharpening businesses around the world. 

We strive to master the art of sharpening and develop business skills so that we can add financial security and personal freedom to our lives, build something we’re proud of, and become contributing members to our local communities.

Who's it for?

The Guild of Professional Sharpeners is for

  • Energetic entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of a network while building or growing their side hustle or full time sharpening business.
  • Both experienced and beginning sharpeners.
  • Established sharpening business owners and those just starting.
  • The sharpener and business owner who needs clarity or guidance through the starting, running and growing a business.
  • The person who aspires to take responsibility for a source of revenue and to take back ownership of time and to add financial security.  
  • The person who realizes the value in building and contributing to local community by offering a valuable and respected service. 


The only place in world where you can find

  • A community of people in pursuit of common goals. 
  • Personalized attention and guidance through the process of learning, growing and refining the art of sharpening.
  • Direct, modern and applicable guidance through marketing your sharpening to monetize your skills.
  • Open access to the Foundations for Success Online Course (Details Below 👇) ($1100 value).
  • Discussions and resources across the full spectrum of sharpening and business.
  • Weekly accountability and brainstorming sessions.
  • Resources, videos and other content not available anywhere else.

Meet the Host

My name is Matt and I started The American Edge in 2016 after beginning to learn to sharpen while deployed to Djibouti. My goal when I started was to generate $5000 over five years to install a Permaculture project on my homestead. Through years of grinding it out, I finally discovered the potential that lies in sharpening businesses. My goal now is to help make more sharpeners than anyone before and to restore the local artisanal sharpener in every town and city. 


Matt's Business and Web Presence

The American Edge | Thursday Night Grind Video Series | Google | Facebook

[email protected]

(603) 397-7717

Why You Should Join Us

Results and Transformation

Nowhere else in the world is there a community with built-in programs that will train you not just in the skills, but also in the ways to build a business and monetize those skills.

It is not impossible to build or grow a sharpening business on your own, but by becoming an active member in the Guild you’ll accomplish your own goals on a timeline you’d otherwise never imagine.

As your host, my goal for you is to add $500 of revenue per month to your business every year you’re active in the Guild. That’s whether you’re just starting, or whether you’re established and growing. 

Your investment in the Guild, combined with your hard work, will pay for itself and the tools to get started in the first year. Every month or year you keep your business active after that is all gravy. 

Or, for many of us, the revenue is at a good place and we want the community of people to learn from, to share with and to support. Sharpening and Business are both never-ending pursuits of knowledge and skill.

"I am just realizing that between the big order of knives and my buddy that had 4 chisels and 7 planes I have been paid about $200 this week. My best yet." -Doug Agee Owner of Bonneville Sharpening Service, Salt Lake City UT in month 3 of implementing the Foundations for Success Course

Foundations for Success Online Course

Included with membership to the Guild is lifetime access to the Foundations for Success Online Course, an $1100 value. 

This course has been crafted over years and has already helped several knife sharpeners learn the skill of sharpening and then use that skill to start a business. 

In the course you get unlimited access to full length presentations, slides, handouts, resources and links surrounding these core principles:

  • Mindset for Success
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Tooling up for sharpening
  • Becoming the expert sharpener
  • Setting up Systems in your business
  • Marketing your business
  • Understanding business principles

The Foundations for Success Online Course establishes the language for the Guild and serves as starting point for a lifetime of support as you grow your business to the scale that works best for you. 

This is an unprecedented opportunity, and one you don't want to miss! 

Take a Look Inside


Satisfaction Guarantee

Try today for free! Cancel anytime. No strings attached, that's just how we roll. 

Download a Free Resource

This Beginners Tool Guide is just one of the MANY resources available in the Foundations For Success Course. Check it out, and if you like what you see, know that there's a lot more where it came from, so become a member today!

Download Tool Guide Here

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